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Dr. Laszlo J. Mate

Practicing Physician / Principal Investigator of Adult and Pediatric Neurology

Dr. Mate has been practicing in Neurology for over 25 years, specializing in adult and pediatrics. He has been involved in clinical research as a Principal Investigator for over 20 years. Dr. Mate has conducted over 150 clinical trials from Phase II-IV. He opened his private practice in 1998, where he acts as Principal Investigator in adult and pediatric clinical trials, as well as physician for his office.

Katrina Morgan, Clinical Operations, CRC

Katrina joined Dr. Mate's office in 2015. She has more than five years of medical and clinical research experience as a CRC. She is also well-versed in regulatory, laboratory and recruitment functions, as well as all other aspects of research. Katrina has knowledge in Rheumatology, Cardiology, Pain Management, Endocrinology and Neurology. She has conducted several Phase II-IV clinical trials, and her duties have included recruitment, community outreach and regulatory and administrative responsibilities.

Dedicated Research Professionals

Dr. Laszlo J. Mate, clinical research coordinators and associates include research nurses, certified raters, electroencephalogram (EEG) techs, certified medical assistants (CMA), phlebotomists, regulatory specialists and clinical operations professionals. As a group, they have a combined experience in all aspects of clinical studies.

Dr. Mate's research study is now enrolling those with mild Alzheimer's disease. No insurance is needed to participate. Click here or call toll free 844-374-2956.

Dr. Mate (third from right) and his staff

Katrina Morgan, Clinical Operations, CRC