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Dr. Bernardo Ng

Principal Investigator of Sun Valley Research Center

Dr. Bernardo Ng is a Mexicali native who started his private practice in Imperial County in 1994. Sun Valley Research Center has emerged from having the privilege of practicing for years in a rural area close to the Mexican border, combined with their commitment to the community and passion for excellence in research and patient care. SVRC has been working on various clinical trials since 2007 and has enrolled English and Spanish speaking subjects in several of their past and current clinical trials they have worked on.

Currently three studies are underway to investigate whether a research drug called idalopirdine, given in addition to the Alzheimer's medicine donepezil, rivastigmine or galantamine, improves brain functioning in areas such as memory, thinking and reasoning.

Dr. Ng's research study is now enrolling those with mild Alzheimer's disease. No insurance is needed to participate. Click here or call toll free 844-374-2956.