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Dr. Richard Holub

President of Neurological Associates of Albany, PC (NAA)

Dr. Richard Holub is president of Neurological Associates of Albany, PC (NAA); an organization that consists of a highly respected clinic providing a full complement of neurological services and a well-established research center. NAA's mission is to advance new and better medicines, especially in the area of Alzheimer's disease. The clinical arm of NAA currently has a panel of over 2,000 patients and provides comprehensive neurological services to over 1,000 patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, MCI, or other forms of dementia.

In addition to providing high quality neurological care, Dr. Holub is also the principal investigator for the Research Division of NAA, where he has been conducting Phase II and Phase III clinical trials for over 30 years. During his career, Dr. Holub has conducted over 125 successful clinical trials and has played a significant role in the investigation of all five drugs approved by the FDA for the Treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

He has also been involved in clinical trials of investigational treatments for Major Depression Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, and Diabetic Neuropathy among others. NAA's Research Division has three highly trained and experienced research coordinators, two psychometricians, a physician's assistant as well as lab and support personnel. Dr. Holub and his team are committed to providing quality care to patients and their families.

Dr. Holub's research study is now enrolling those with mild Alzheimer's disease. No insurance is needed to participate. Click here or call toll free 844-374-2956.

Dr. Holub (front, center)
and his team